A Yaz Birth Control Lawsuit

The tragic story of a young woman who tragically died as a result of taking one of the most popular and trusted birth control pills, Yayam Birth Control lawsuit, has received widespread media attention. Eighteen-year-old Michelle Pfleger of Hackettstown, New Jersey died on her way to college on September 11th, at an unknown destination. Her mother then filed a wrongful death lawsuit in New Jersey against the pharmaceutical company, claiming that Michelle Pfleger’s untimely death was caused by the side effects from the powerful Yayam Birth Control Pill. It is reported that the young woman had been taking the pill regularly for eighteen months prior to her death. Following her death, her family has hired a personal injury lawyer to fight their wrongful death lawsuit.

Although there have been no proven links between taking the pill and deaths or cardiovascular illnesses or strokes, this does not prevent other families from experiencing similar situations. There have been links established between these drugs and various types of cancers including breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. Although these links have not been fully substantiated, many people are now turning to alternative forms of birth control such as the Yayam Birth Control Lawsuit. While many of these drugs can cause irregular heart rhythms and high blood pressure, there have also been claims that they can cause strokes.

As stated above, many of these drugs can cause the heart to beat too fast and/or too hard. Many of them can also be linked to early stages of heart attacks and strokes. Recently, there have been several news stories regarding a twenty-one-year-old woman who collapsed and later died while she was taking a strong medication that contains a birth control lawsuit. While it was unclear what caused her heart attack, experts believe that she may have been suffering from a blood clot that could have blocked one of her arteries. This is why it is so important to always talk with your doctor before taking any type of medication and especially if you are a woman.

Many people who were victims of medical negligence and who are currently pursuing a lawsuit against their medical providers feel that the reason for the lawsuit is being pursued is that of the manufacturers’ refusal to fund studies to determine how to prevent the pregnancy from happening. This information would allow women to safely use the pills to prevent pregnancy. Currently, it is estimated that approximately eleven million American women are using these pills to prevent pregnancy. Although the lawsuits are ongoing, the companies involved are denying any wrongdoing and blaming the victims for contacting the companies. Unfortunately, this type of medical negligence is not an isolated incident but has become more common in recent times.

There are several national plaintiffs’ law firms that are currently pursuing a yaz birth control lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiffs. One such national plaintiffs’ law firm is based in New Jersey and is led by attorney Rachel Respess. The national plaintiffs’ law firm is currently seeking class action status for its yaz birth control lawsuit. There are several other national firms that are pursuing similar lawsuits. If you are a woman who feels that you have been a victim of medical negligence and have been awarded compensation due to that negligence then it is important to contact one of your national plaintiffs’ law firms today.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the plaintiff, who was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. This condition is a hormonal disorder that affects approximately five percent of the overall female population. According to the lawsuit, the manufacturers knew that the birth control pills they were manufacturing were dangerous and did nothing to warn the public about the possible dangerous side effects of their product. If you think you have a case then please contact one of your national plaintiffs’ law firms today.

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