Avandia Class Action Lawsuit

The FDA has now issued a full Avandia Class Action lawsuit and an Avandia Class Action lawsuit is now being initiated because of the many proven links of Avandia to breast cancer… once again. This time, the link is with Estrogen, which is found in higher concentrations in those with pre-existing breast cancer.

As previously reported, the ingredient in Avandia that caused such concern was its Progestogen – a substance found in certain birth control pills. The FDA finally responded by withdrawing the ingredient from the products it regulates. However, in yet another case of circular logic, they are once again allowing the ingredient to be used despite the increased cancer risk.

Avandia Class Action Lawsuit

Why are we letting this happen? It seems the FDA and their attorneys want to use every opportunity to attack the rights of consumers like you and me who are filing Avandia Class Action Lawsuit against these supposed “safe” makers of the Avandia brand, and yet in doing so they also are singling out the manufacturers of generic names of Avandia. Why? Well, if there is one thing the food and drug administration hates more than a healthy product, it’s a generic name.

Generic names of prescription diabetic medications such as Avandia, Thyax, and Innegra have already been deemed unsafe for those with pre-existing heart failures, thereby warranting their banning by the FDA.

This is a rather circular argument, yet the FDA goes on to claim that those filing Avandia Class Action Lawsuit are just trying to profit from selling a deadly product, and that the FDA has not done enough research into these health claims.

In addition, the FDA also points out that the deaths from heart failure are two hundred times higher when compared with other drugs. That is quite possibly due to a lack of quality control when the generic name of Avandia, in this case, Innegra, was released into the market.

The Avandia Class Action Lawsuit claims that the manufacturers, including GNC, did not conduct any studies to support their statements regarding the positive benefits associated with Avandia for those with diabetes.

It is further claimed that these studies were performed by Drs. David E. Larson and Joseph S. Larson, both of the University of Iowa. Additionally, Avandia’s website does not list any of the qualifications of these scientists, as they are merely listed as “key persons”. Based on this information alone, it can be concluded that the avandia class action lawsuit Diabetes claim is fraudulent.

Now then, let me make a very important point concerning the way that the FDA handles its business.

If the FDA determines that a new prescription drug is both effective and safe, it receives zero scrutiny by the media, except from those who profit from the lawsuits. The FDA rubber stamps these findings, which means that all the clinical trials are fair game.

However, if one scientist discovers serious fraud involving a product’s ingredients, that scientist can file a lawsuit against the company, thus bringing about unwanted media attention to the shoddy science used to support the Avandia case.

This is why I urge you to seek out a qualified expert on this case who actually specializes in these cases.

A simple Internet search for Avandia will yield pages of links that lead to court documents, side effects reports, and even internal employee emails. I urge you to spend some quality time on this case and learn everything that you can about this horrible case, in particular the reasons that the Avandia Class Action Lawsuit has such a large stain on the name of the company as well as the lives of the people that have suffered as a result of its shoddy science.

Furthermore, don’t forget to contact me if you would like to share additional details about this case that you have uncovered. You can contact me through my website in which you can find information about this lawsuit.

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