Class Action Lawsuit Against USAA

The Class Action Lawsuit Against USAA is a Federal False Accusation lawsuit that has now been filed in the U.S. At first look the lawsuit looks like a typical auto insurance class action lawsuit. Well, there is more to the story than meets the eye and if you are a victim of USAA’s illegal and unethical practices you should know about it and demand justice.

USAA has been trying to manipulate the automotive market value for cars by lying and manipulating the marketplace value for cars through deceptive and false advertising practices. This in turn includes using non-public data sources and appraisal information, falsely asserting that the vehicles that they insure actually have higher recoveries than what the companies actually write in their policy. They will settle out of court at a very high cost and this will allow them to write off large portions of their judgement. The Federal Court found that USAA’s practices of paying out less in settlements and creating artificial settlements out of court is known as an injunctive relief practice in tort law. Essentially, this means that if USAA feels that their settlement offer is unfair and therefore must be thrown out of court the company must pay the legal costs of the defendant.

Class Action lawsuits like the one filed against USAA were designed so that individuals could voice their complaints in a class-action lawsuit against USAA to allow many other plaintiffs the same opportunity. As stated before, USAA engages in activities that would violate any federal, state or local ordinances; violates the Anti-Trust laws and attempts to monopolize the insurance industry. Class-action lawsuits provide plaintiffs with the opportunity to voice their complaint and receive compensation for their damages.

Class-action lawsuit against USAA is only one of a growing number of class action lawsuits that have been filed over the recent months. In fact, there are so many lawsuits currently pending in the courts that it is hard to keep track of them all. Many of these lawsuits were filed by individual citizens who were victims of insurance fraud and wish to hold corporations accountable for their actions. The class action lawsuit filed against USAA was filed on behalf of the “harmed” class of consumers. The complaint alleged that USAA’s policies violated the Anti-Trust laws, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Federal False Claims Act (FSWA). The class action lawsuit also pointed out that USAA’s policies and practices allowed for unfair and deceptive acts and practices, predatory lending, collection of defaulted payments, forced upgrades, rate increases and other illegal actions.

USAA did not immediately respond to the complaint. A spokesperson for USAA, Robert Keene, defended the insurance company saying, “Nothing in the complaint is accurate, and the legality of the company is not being challenged at this time.” However, after The New York Times published an article quoting the lawsuit, USAA finally responded and filed a legal defense against the lawsuit. The company claimed that the complaint was “baseless and without merit” and that their policies did not encourage or allow the collection of defaulted premiums. The legal team of the insurer also filed a response to the complaint, pointing out that USAA had reviewed its risk retention policies and has determined that they did not violate any federal law.

The suit was filed by a lawyer of the same law firm, which is handling the case of the class action lawsuit against USAA. Keene also stated that USAA “does not believe it is appropriate to comment on the legal merits of the complaint as it is before the courts and the Bureaus,” adding that “any claims that have been submitted are currently pending.” Although Keene did not provide details on what actions USAA plans to take, attorney’s fees and other costs may be tied into the resolution of this dispute.

14 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Against USAA

    1. Exactly what happened to me and was the final straw in my closing the account after at least 4 years. If there is a class action suit against them for this, please let me know. I am eager to find a way to make them pay for what they are doing to veterans.

  1. in fact, there is no reason to charge an NSF fee from a debit account in this day and age. They use the dates and manipulate when and what gets approved until the client is broke and their credit is nonexistent. because that is where they start … destruction and accounts with other financial institutions.

  2. I want to find someone that will help me with this and many other issues over the last two years with USAA.

  3. I have been having an atrocious experience with USAA since I notified them of my separation (I am now legally divorced). I have spent over 20+ hours on the phone in the last 2 years, my credit rating was affected, I have been nickeled and dimed to death with NSF when the funds were there or in process, the business units do not work or talk to each other, finger-pointing even though I bundled products, and I had enough, I thought I was finally rid of them when I called to reconcile/pay to the end of the term, my auto insurance, and now I am being harassed yet again for funds. Even though I have a ticket and claim number/along with their recordings that I was attempting to do the right thing and leave them well and pay off my balance with the call.

    Further, there is no email support, I have uploaded documents/screenshots of funds being taken from my account, the harassing emails, etc. Yesterday while I was taking me recovering from a stroke uncle to a doctors appointment, someone from the CEO’s office was calling to help me with my “billing concerns” and I reminded her that I did not have any and that my bills were paid, my accounts were closed (checkings/savings/home loan) and remaining auto insurance balance was paid (Insurance through Dec 18, 2021, as of Oct 08, 2021, confirmation #3472912747) and I would be done with them for good, and they are claiming I still owe!!! Can you help, or please advise who to contact.

  4. USAA is no longer the company that my father and family helped to found – nor the company I joined over 44 years ago as the whole culture has changed since purchasing by PNCV. USAA now engages in just not unethical underwriting practices which disenfranchises the home policyholder – but specific Claim Sections actually employing deception; delays; and dishonestly in the claim adjudication process – which justifies both State and Federal official legal review as to “compliance” and fraudulent actions.

    1. Interesting statement; could you provide more info on the PNCV ‘s influence on USAA. I’m a longtime member however in the past several years have run into strange resistance even been reprimanded by clerks for my tardiness and ignorance of policies. Am an LTC Ret.

  5. inseptember 2922 istopautomatic withdrawer on myinsurance ishould have gotten automicrewnal like i did for nine years. ihada accideent jan.29threported tousaa was told that my insurance was cancelled 10/19

  6. I have three open claims with USAA right now. I have been with USAA for over 30 years and have over 20 accounts with them. This company has changed completely and for the worst. They have lowballed me on every claim, auto, and house. Both of my neighbors have NEW fences and USAA is counting individual pickets. My auto was totaled and USAA offered $2,000 less than trade-in on KBB. Every interaction with USAA has been negative and incompetent. USAA has become a woke NFL sponsor that doesn’t take care of its Veterans or customers. Stay clear of USAA.

  7. USAA has gone to hell over past decade. A horrible bureaucracy, and you cannot email them. Even the online file a grievance form does not work. I’m supposedly a member, but other than phone, they will not let you contact them with a written record. They lie and say Zelle limits them to $1,000 per transaction, when other banks let you send 10X that amount. USAA is limiting, not Zelle. They trashed my daughter’s credit rating with repeated credit checks that they did not disclose were harming her rating. They are a horrible, huge bureaucracy that has zero interest in serving the military. Members are going to get killed by their roadside assistance policy– it DOES NOT WORK. It’s oursourced to a firm that calls around to find a cheap tow company and will leave you for hours waiting when you can yourself call a local tow truck–but it won’t be covered. Wife left at night in remote area for hours because she used the service. No one came, no way to call USAA to ask for a fix, no response when I complained. USAA no longer gives a damn about serving members–and they are a risk to your life with their “road side assistance” program. I complained, no response. The CEO needs to be fired, the company massively reformed. I’d love to see a way to combat this mess, and let members vote on CEO.

  8. Just realixed how much money I have been ripped off by usaa using this…. we protect and support our military crap…..the only thing usaa supports is themselves and ripping off the military.

    This is no longer a military insurence for military…this is statefarm with more cost pretending to help the military, they have become the top ripp off insurence of the 2022.

    They are now ripping off the military telling us they are cheaper and better….I have 3 cars 1 2022, 1 2016…both full coverage and then my sons ins for his paid off car….is 100.00 less then my 2022 car….my sons 2012 car that is paid off is more trhen my 2016 by 300.00….. my insurence with no accidents or tickets….5,000.00 a year!! It was never this much! They have joined the ripp off the soldier insurence company!

    The most commercials of saying they are here for the soldiers….. they are here ….to ripp off the soldiers.

    State Farm is cheaper! OMGI I lefet statefarm to come to USAA….now statefarm is 50% cheaper!

    I am looking for the class action lawsuits…many out there for USAA!

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