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There was one class-action lawsuit filed against eBay in 2022. It was filed in February in Santa Clara, California Superior Court and accused eBay of shill bidding against its customers to increase prices, fees, and service charges. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Glenn Block, a Pennsylvania man who claims that he was cheated out of $1.50 for a Xerox copy cartridge.

According to the lawsuit, Block received email confirmation stating that he was the highest bidder. However, when he went to pay for the item, he was informed that he had been outbid. Block believes that eBay created a fake bidder to drive up the price of the item.

The lawsuit also alleges that eBay violates California law by acting as an auctioneer and auction house without complying with the terms of the California Civil Code. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that eBay does not disclose all of the fees associated with its bidding process and that it uses unfair and deceptive practices to lure customers into bidding on items.

The lawsuit is still pending, and it is unclear when it will be resolved.

Reference link:

  • Class Action Suit Filed Against eBay: https://hunewsservice.com/news/class-action-suit-filed-against-ebay/

Please note that there is no mention of this class-action lawsuit in eBay’s 2022 10-K filing, which suggests that the lawsuit is still in its early stages.


  1. hunewsservice.com/news/class-action-suit-filed-against-ebay/


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