Edison Home Health Care Lawsuit 2022


In 2022, there were two lawsuits involving Edison Home Health Care, a home health care agency headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

March 2022

On March 18, 2022, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her office had secured a nearly $7 million settlement from Edison Home Health Care and another home health agency, Crown of Life Care, for cheating workers and Medicaid fraud. The settlement came after an investigation found that the two agencies had failed to pay millions of dollars in wages to their employees and had submitted false claims to Medicaid.

As part of the settlement, Edison Home Health Care agreed to pay $4 million in back Medicaid payments and $1.5 million to employees who did not receive full payment of wage parity benefits. The agency also agreed to submit semi-annual reports proving that it is in compliance with the Wage Parity Act, which requires home health companies to pay workers who perform Medicaid-funded care an additional $4.09 per hour—or the equivalent in additional benefits—on top of the minimum wage.

August 2022

On August 4, 2022, a federal civil racketeering lawsuit was filed against Edison Home Health Care and its owners, alleging that the agency had engaged in a pattern of fraudulent and illegal activities, including:

  • Paying employees less than the minimum wage and overtime pay required by law
  • Failing to provide employees with required benefits, such as paid time off and health insurance
  • Submitting false claims to Medicaid for services that were never provided
  • Requiring employees to work off the clock and falsify timesheets
  • Retaliating against employees who complained about illegal or fraudulent activities

The lawsuit was filed by a former employee of Edison Home Health Care and is still ongoing.

The two lawsuits against Edison Home Health Care in 2022 highlight the serious concerns about labor and billing practices in the home health care industry. Home health care workers are often underpaid and overworked, and patients can be at risk of receiving substandard care. It is important for consumers to be aware of these concerns when choosing a home health care agency.


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