False Dog Food Lawsuit Against Refectus Max For Pets

The Rachael Ray dog food lawsuit claims that Ainsworth pet food is defective due to the ingredients it contains, which are high in wheat and corn. specifically, the lawsuit states that Ainsworth pet food contains yeast, a commonly used preservative, as well as corn starch. These two ingredients have been proven to be harmful to dogs. They have also been known to contribute to the degeneration of the liver and kidneys in pets. In addition to this, studies have shown that excessive yeast consumption can cause ulcers, oral infections, and even cancer in pets. Although it is unlikely that this pet food manufacturers would admit these facts, it is important for pet owners to become informed about these ingredients and if they believe that Rachael Ray dog food may be responsible for their dogs’ health problems.

The first ingredient that was listed in the lawsuit is glyphosate, which is the active ingredient found in the majority of Ainsworth dog foods. Although, when compared to other types of commercial dog foods, Ainsworth contains less than one percent of this dangerous chemical. However, while comparing products based upon the presence of this chemical, it is important to note that not all brands contain this ingredient. As such, it is recommended that you check and make sure that the product you purchase does contain the inactive form of the ingredient, rather than the active form. In the case of Ainsworth, it is included in the inactive form.

Another ingredient contained in the lawsuit is Phensuth, which has been linked to at least one death, and several other ailments including liver disease and renal failure. While, it is unlikely that the ingredient contributed to the death of Rachael Ray’s dog, it is important to note that the pet food manufacturer has previously sold pet food that contained it. So, it is also important to understand that not all brands are safe for your pet. However, this lawsuit highlights the importance of checking and making sure that any pet food you choose does not contain anything that may harm your pet. This includes both ingredients and inactive forms, as well as common pet food hazards like lead.

As mentioned above, in the lawsuit, it was determined that the company manufacturing Rachael Ray dog food, knew that the inactive form of glyphosate was not listed on the label. However, when contacted by the plaintiffs, defendant stated that the primary ingredient used in the creation of Rachael Ray dog food was glyphosate and yet still allowed the product to be sold. It is important to note that in June of 2021, the European Union banned the use of glyphosate as an ingredient, due to concerns that it poses a risk to humans. So, it is likely that this ingredient will soon be banned in the US as well.

When looking at the ingredients list for Refectus Max for Pets, you will note that it contains more than twenty different ingredients, and is the largest pet food brand in the country. Therefore, it is likely that the company included the ingredient “wheat” in the mix, although it is not listed on the label. Also, another ingredient that can be found on the ingredient list is “parsley”, which has long been a favorite of many pet owners, but is actually derived from the root of the plant, not eaten. The ingredient “carrot” is also found on the ingredient list, and it has long been known to have bad effects on the liver, and in many cases, actually causes liver cancer. So, it is important to understand that Refectus Max for Pets did not make any changes to these or any other ingredients to ensure that it is safe for your dog.

This lawsuit is a clear example of why it is extremely important to always check with your veterinarian, and only buy dog foods that are manufactured using ingredients that have been specifically approved by the FDA. Additionally, it is extremely important to read over the ingredient list of any dog food that you purchase, in order to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides located within it. If it is not certified by the FDA, or you find that any of the above mentioned ingredients are found in the manufacturing of your dog food, then you should contact a qualified veterinary doctor immediately to ensure that your dog’s health remains safe. Refectus Max for Pets may be the best dog food that has ever been produced, but because it does not come up to par with its competitors when it comes to quality and safety of the product, it is being forced to file this lawsuit against Refectus Max for Pets.

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