Globe Life Insurance Lawsuit

If you want to learn about lawsuits, you should pay attention to Globe Life Insurance Lawsuits. There are many people who want to get this information before it gets out into the public. This information pertains to a real life situation that was handled in Florida. If you are interested in learning more, then you will want to read this article.

A man named Edward Morris became very ill.

He believed that he was going to die from a rare disease. His family was told that he had only one year to live. Instead of getting better, his condition worsened, and he died three days later at the age of 51. His wife, along with his children, filed a lawsuit against Globe Life Insurance Company, because they did not want him to have to pay for an unnecessary and unneeded surgery.

What happened is that Morris’ insurance agent pressured him into making an agreement to pay for the surgery.

When he refused, the insurance company began to hound him, and his wife and children, in order to make them settle. Finally, the family was able to gather enough evidence to show that the company was indeed aware that Morris was not well, but did nothing to change their tune. After a few months of fighting, they were finally able to get a court date set up against the company, which led to a long court battle.

The attorney that the family used is one who is very experienced.

He has handled many cases before, including those that involve insurance companies. Before proceeding, you will want to ensure that your lawyer is very knowledgeable about the law as it pertains to suits like this one. If you do not already know one, then you will want to find one immediately. This is so that you are comfortable with how the entire process works.

You will also want to find out if your attorney charges any fees up front.

Most tend to bill you after winning your lawsuit, but some will bill you on a monthly basis, quarterly, or yearly. Be sure to ask if this is something that you will have to accept. You do not want to sign anything before you understand exactly how much you will be paying.

After you have signed the documents provided by your globe life insurance attorney, you will need to wait for the verdict.

You will probably have many anxious days ahead of you, as no one wants to think that they are going to lose such a great case. But rest assured that the lawsuit will eventually get resolved, and you will be able to receive the funds that you are owed.

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