Hepatitis C Lawsuit

A Hepatitis C Lawsuit Could Soon Be Before Your Eyes

Lawsuits concerning the hepatitis c virus and its negative effects on patients are increasing by the day. An estimated 25% of North Carolina residents may be suffering from the disease. As hepatitis c cases increase, so does the number of lawsuits related to this disease. These lawsuits arise when the patients are denied proper medical treatment due to shortage of funds or facilities. As a result, they are unable to access this health program that helps them in reducing and controlling the damage caused by the hepatitis c.

The hepatitis c lawsuit, brought by an inmate in jail to encourage the state to improve its health programs.

This initiative is called “Open Letters for Health,” a campaign launched by an inmate at the Wake County jail to encourage the NC prison system to provide proper hepatitis c treatment to inmates, who cannot receive treatment while in jail. Several hepatitis c lawsuits have been filed against different facilities. However, to date, six lawsuits have been filed. One was filed by an inmate in jail.

The Wake County Courant reports that the “judge ignored the letters from the inmate, calling the letters improper and irrelevant.”

He further stated that the letters could force the state to perform adequate research to determine whether or not the hepatitis c lawsuit is justified. He went on to state that the plaintiff could file a similar lawsuit against other facilities if he finds their actions to be inadequate. It is evident from this that medical facilities may be forced to turn to medical experts outside their state to find a solution to the problem faced by them.

Another hepatitis case filed by an inmate at the Wake County Court said that he was denied timely access to hepatitis C drugs needed to reduce his liver disease.

According to this lawsuit, he was denied access to the medicine after his arrest. Although he was working as a prison inmate, prison officials said he did not have a contagious disease. His lawsuit claimed that this action violates the Right to Reimbursement Clause of the Prisoners’ Bill of Rights.

Lawsuits filed by prisoners and by hepatitis victims could force state correctional institutions to provide safe and effective hepatitis C treatment to inmates.

The American Medical Association has called on the Department of Justice to investigate the lack of adequate hepatitis C treatment in American prisons. An analysis shows that many prisons do not have the technology to provide timely treatment to hepatitis patients. As a result, the hepatitis patients suffer needlessly, while prison officials sit idly by.

In the meantime, hepatitis patients can take comfort in knowing that there are other hepatitis c sufferers out there who are waiting for appropriate healthcare.

An estimated fifty-thousand Americans are expected to become infected with the virus by the end of march 2021. By using an unapproved medical trial, hepatitis c sufferers can seek to be treated for the disease. It is hoped that the unproven medical practice can be adopted as a way of treating prisoners in American prisons before it becomes an outbreak.

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