How Do You Start a Class Action Lawsuit?

You may be wondering, how do you start a class action lawsuit. If you are one of the many people that have been harmed by another person or company that tried to take advantage of an existing lawsuit, then you will want to know how to file your own lawsuit. Class action lawsuits leave one lawsuit, called a master complaint, to be judged by a single jury. If a settlement is reached, then it too is also a typical structured settlement. Strictly speaking, a class action lawsuit, when properly worded, is one in which multiple individuals are suing the defendant on behalf of all of their individual claims and are represented collectively.

The first thing that you should do if you wish to file a class action lawsuit, is to consult with an experienced lawyer or attorney. An attorney will be able to tell you if you are eligible to proceed with the lawsuit and how much money you will need to get started. The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to pay an attorney up front.

Lawyers who practice class action lawsuits will not charge you up front in order to represent you. You will pay them a percentage of any future settlements as well as any fees that you are awarded. The fee that you pay your lawyer will be a portion of any future compensation that you and your attorneys receive. In many cases, the actual fee that you pay your attorney will be less than what you will end up paying if you go forward without an attorney. There are also special payments made to attorneys who work on contingency fees, so they only receive a certain percentage of the future settlements that their clients receive.

Once you have found a lawyer to represent you in your class action lawsuit, the next step is to file the initial paperwork with the court. This paperwork can be filed with the clerk in your county or in the county that the case is being held in. The first item that you should put on your lawsuit is a “complaint.” This is essentially your initial statement of the legal issue that you feel has been violated. It should include: a statement of the facts that you base your claims on, any proof that you have, and your complaint against the company. After you have filed this paperwork, you will be able to proceed with the other items needed to file your class action lawsuit.

When you have your initial complaint filed, you will then be able to move forward with it. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not file more than one complaint. Class action lawsuits are usually quite small, so it makes no sense to file more than one. If you do, then there are a great deal of chances that one of your class action lawsuit plaintiffs will be able to file a complaint against the company before you receive a complaint from one of your individual plaintiffs. As such, you should consider only filing one lawsuit against the company if you are confident that one of your individual plaintiffs has enough evidence to proceed with a class action lawsuit. You also need to make sure that the complaint you file with the court involves all of the required aspects of a legitimate class action lawsuit.

The final item that you will need to understand when learning how do you start a class action lawsuit, is damages. Damages are typically what will be decided upon by the judge at the conclusion of the case. For example, if you are filing a claim for damages against a large company that manufactures products that are harmful to your health, you will most likely receive a large settlement in damages.

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