How to Avoid Being Cheated Out of Your Bought Milk Class Action Lawsuit

You probably know by now if you have bought milk from a supermarket or dairy, the company has settled a Class Action Lawsuit against you. But did you also know that if you are not sure about the company’s liability, you could end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in settlements or court costs to a private litigant? If your question is this then let me give you the answer. If you have been injured through no fault of your own then chances are very good that the milk company has settled the case for pennies on the dollar. In other words, they don’t want to put the case in a court of law so they settle out of court and try to settle on a “no win no fee” basis, which means they will only pay a percentage of any legal fees or settlement amount.

Do you now realize why many Dairy Farmers get sued for large monetary damages? These farmers spend thousands of dollars each year fighting the dairy companies that supply their milk. Not only does it cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements but it also means having to drop or keep your case dismissed. This in many cases can mean the loss of thousands of dollars in potential income and the farmer will never get back the thousands of dollars they spent fighting the case. The Dairy Farmers Insurance Company just wants to get out of the court room and never have to worry about another case like yours come up again.

So what can you do to avoid being forced into a settlement out of court? First, you must understand the process of settling a case before you buy the product. The Dairy Farmers Insurance Company will offer you a percentage (between twenty-five and thirty-five percent) settlement amounts depending on how much you have invested in the company and its products. If you buy more than fifty thousand dollars worth then the Dairy Farmers Insurance Company will give you up to a one hundred and twenty-five percent settlement. So, when you think you are being sued for a settlement amount to keep this number in mind and remember that this percentage is probably not what you should be paying out because the Dairy Farmers Insurance Company would rather get out of the court and not lose any more money than pay out a percentage less than what you should be paid.

Second, when you buy Dairies Products make sure that you are buying from an authorized Dairies Retailer that has been licensed through the Texas Milk Producer Board. This will ensure that you are purchasing legitimate Dairy products. There are many illegal distributors out there who will take your money and run. The legitimate Dairy farmers have a system set up to monitor and track their products. So, if you are asked to send any money or sign any contract make sure you know what you are doing.

Third, if you do decide to buy more than one case do not spend more than you have to. Buy enough to keep you going until the case settles. By purchasing more than one case you are probably wasting money on attorney fees, more litigation and settlement amounts, and more time trying to negotiate a fair settlement. Also, by purchasing extra cases you are keeping yourself from the frustration of having to continually hire a new attorney because the previous attorney did not settle the case in the minimum time frame required. So do not spend too much money, unless you have to.

Lastly, do not buy into the “cheap” hype being thrown around by the Dairy industry. Dairy products are nowhere near cheap. There are hundreds of lawsuits for Dairy related issues right now that have not resolved. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is because of the cost that they are cheap. Remember that you are not just buying milk, you are buying a legitimate way to seek justice and compensation for injuries, pain and suffering.

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