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The case of Marine John Shannon is the subject of an NTSB report, which is the investigation and finding of facts on an accident. A final report will be made after the NTSB has concluded its investigation. Earlier, a family friend and Shannon were on a plane. During the flight, a witness reportedly said Shannon was not a safe pilot. A gung-ho guy, Shannon was well-liked by many people.

a misunderstanding between Shannon and his flight instructor

A misunderstanding between John Shannon and his flight instruction is cited as one reason for the crash that killed three people and critically injured a fourth. Shannon was a member of the Republican Club in Lakeland, Florida, and was president of the Kiwanis Club. He had planned to fly south for 45 minutes and land in the Florida Keys for lunch before spending time with his family. The NTSB is investigating what caused the crash.

It’s not yet clear whether fog played a major role in the crash, but there’s no doubt it was a contributing factor. The fog was an issue all morning, and Shannon didn’t want to taxi with the other planes in the dense fog. Nevertheless, the airport followed his request and Shannon’s plane landed on the runway. He has pronounced dead shortly afterward. The preliminary report doesn’t say what caused the crash, but the fog was one of the issues.

a family friend on the plane

The crash of a Florida Airline flight that killed all on board has sparked a nationwide investigation. A Lakeland attorney, John Shannon, was one of those who was on the plane. He was a friend of Shannon’s and had presided over his daughter’s wedding. He had also mentored a friend of the family who was a parishioner of the same church.

In addition to practicing law for more than 40 years, Shannon was also active in local civic groups, including the Republican Club of Lakeland, Kiwanis, and St. Paul Lutheran Church. He was also involved in organizations that benefited veterans and other people in the community. His daughter, Katherine, a Marine veteran, gave him a Marine challenge coin a few years ago. She praised Shannon’s dedication to service and the community.

a Facebook page for john Shannon attorney is not a lawyer referral service

A Facebook page for a John Shannon attorney is not a lawyer referral service, and that’s a big mistake. A lawyer referral service is a website that helps people find attorneys based on their experience and education. But it also offers more. Here are three ways to find an attorney that’s right for you. o, Check out the firm’s website. You can also read client testimonials.

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