Lawyers in Regina

The legal process can be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. There are lawyers in Regina that can handle all aspects of your legal needs. You can turn to firms like MacKay & McLean or Edwards Family Law to get your legal matter handled. You can also choose a smaller firm like Calcaterra Pollack LLP if you’re on a tight budget. These law firms focus on family law and estate planning while offering the services of experienced lawyers.

MacKay & McLean

For clients seeking a lawyer in Regina, Saskatchewan, MacKay & McLean provides the services of a small law firm with an emphasis on efficiency. In addition to providing personalized service, MacKay & McLean lawyers are skilled and experienced in a variety of areas, including personal injury cases, family law, and commercial law. They also specialize in real estate and corporate law, which makes them well-suited for a variety of legal situations.

One of the most experienced Regina lawyers, Tara Talbot, obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been practicing law in the province since 2004 and is a member of the Regina Mortgage and Loans Association. Tara Talbot has built a thriving practice in wills and estates, and she offers personal attention to each transaction. She is also approachable and readily available for questions or concerns that arise during a case. The firm, which was founded in 1933 by Ruth S. McGill, also offers services for wills, estate planning, power of attorney, and estate administration.

Edwards Family Law

One of the top attorneys in the state of Georgia, Regina I. Edwards is the owner of Edwards Family Law. She graduated from the Tulane University School of Law in 2001. She has 20 years of experience in family law litigation. She speaks three languages and enjoys reading, football, and yoga. In her spare time, she likes to go camping, hike, and do yoga. In addition to serving the community, Regina has a family.

During the past five years, Regina Edwards has expanded her practice from a small family law firm to a civil litigation practice firm. The partnership allows her to work around the clock without sacrificing the quality of service that clients can expect. She and her partner share the expenses, office space, and counsel. This is a great benefit for both clients and the community. While a solo practitioner can charge thousands of dollars for a divorce case, Edwards is affordable for most clients.

Calcaterra Pollack LLP

In addition to offering legal representation in a variety of areas, the team at Calcaterra Pollack LLP, lawyers at Regina, Saskatchewan, has a distinguished track record. Partner Regina Pollack has extensive experience in federal and state litigation, including securities and class action lawsuits. She has also served as co-lead counsel for two federal securities class action lawsuits, recovering over $6.2 billion for the investors in those cases. The firm’s other notable accomplishments include securing hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for its clients in class action lawsuits.

As the Chief Wellness Officer of the firm, Pollack aims to provide an environment of empowerment. The team’s mission is to protect consumers and businesses against anti-competitive practices and to advocate for individuals’ rights in social justice causes. While the risks of working on your own are high, the rewards are high. For this reason, careful planning and strategic decision-making are critical. Being clear-headed and identifying the likely obstacles can help you achieve your goals.

Anderson Stodalka

If you are looking for a lawyer in Regina, Saskatchewan, Anderson Stodalka is a good choice. He practices in the fields of Criminal, Employment, and Civil Litigation. Anderson Stodalka is fluent in English and speaks Polish and Portuguese. He is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association. His website provides a detailed description of his services.

Josephine Stodalka passed away on February 18, 2020. She was born on November 8, 1932, the daughter of Frank Kambeitz and Mary Ann Anderson. She completed high school in Richmond and then attended Krupp School until she finished her GED. She and Bill were married on August 12, 1953. They have been together for 71 years. They had five children. Jo attended school in Richmond, Saskatchewan, and Bill completed his law degree in 1952.

Linh Pham

For criminal defense, you’ll want to hire Linh Pham, a lawyer in Regina. Criminal charges can be stressful, and you’re concerned about your freedom and future. That’s why you need a skilled lawyer who can help you through the entire process. Linh Pham is a top Regina lawyer who provides competent legal representation throughout the criminal justice system. He has the experience and competence to guide you through the complexities of criminal law, no matter how complex or bizarre your case may be.

Linh Pham has extensive trial experience, and he has tried cases in courts across Saskatchewan and Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. His practice includes DUI, drug, property, theft, fraud, and violent and sexual offenses. His expertise covers a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI, drug possession, and trafficking. He also represents clients throughout Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw, Carlyle, Estevan, and the surrounding communities.

McDougall Gauley

If you’re looking for an experienced lawyer in Regina, look no further than McDougall Gauley LLP. Located in the Hill Centre Tower II at 1500-1881 Scarth Street, the firm has been in Regina since 1891. The law firm’s founders, Norman MacKenzie and George W. Brown started as a partnership called MacKenzie & Brown. While they continue to serve the Regina community, McDougall Gauley has become a household name.

The firm began in 1891 and has been one of the oldest in Saskatchewan. The lawyers at McDougall Gauley LLP are recognized for their work on financial transactions, securities matters, and real estate. Their extensive experience and knowledge of the energy, banking, construction, and insurance industries are reflected in their wide range of practice areas. Additionally, they have a highly respected labor and employment department, which is particularly active on behalf of businesses in the resources industry.

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