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This Massage Envy lawsuit is against several women who suffered abusive sexual attacks and exploitation by massage therapists in the town of West Chester, Pennsylvania. These women were not limited to that particular County. They are represented by their Lawyer, Lisa Graves, in her wrongful death civil case. This suit names as defendants Massage Envy spa owner Joseph Lora, and his wife, Christina. They have been previously convicted in unrelated criminal proceedings.

Many similar lawsuits have been filed in the area, but they all have essentially the same complaint.

They ask that all related civil and criminal charges be dropped as a result of the injuries that massage clients endured due to negligent and reckless behavior on the part of the massage therapists. These lawsuits and the legal actions being pursued in them, have nothing to do with sexual harassment.

These complaints are about the injuries that arose from “routine” and “standard” massages.

The victims, some of whom are elderly or disabled, filed these claims after suffering bruises, strains, burns, and other medical problems as a result of these assaults. In some cases, the injuries were so severe that they required extensive medical treatment, which the massages failed to provide. In others, the victims were merely uncomfortable during the treatments. These lawsuits seek damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and funeral expenses following the death of the victim.

Recently, another wrongful death suit was filed in Florida against a massage therapist, Joseph H. Russel.

This time, the complaint focuses on whether or not he properly trained his massage clients. According to the complaint, Russel and other members of his staff failed to instruct many of their clients on the safest and most effective methods for avoiding traumatic injuries during massage treatments. Russel has been charged with three counts of battery under the Florida Statute. If he is convicted of these charges, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Although there have been several other massage therapist-related lawsuits in Florida and across the country, this is the first sexual assault case that has been filed against a massage therapist by a client in the state of Florida.

There are many other spas and salons operating in Florida, but none have faced such a lawsuit. Perhaps, this is because this is the first case that has been filed against a massage therapist in the state of Florida. There is little information available at this time on the status of this lawsuit.

Spas and other massage therapy businesses should be careful of the actions of massage therapists, especially when clients are present.

There are many instances in which these professionals may be guilty of acts of sexual assault, regardless of whether they were engaged in sexual activity. For more information on the types of sexual and non-sexual assault that may occur at spas and other massage therapy businesses, visit the website of the Florida Bar Association at Florida bar.

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