Motel Bed Bug Bites Lawsuits

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a local real estate agent who is an expert on these things. She was talking about how often bed bug lawsuits start in commercial business. She indicated that even a single unit or multiple-unit complex will usually have someone report these nasty bugs to the property management.

Tenants are often instructed, straight out of the bat, that they are bringing them into the building and then it’s their responsibility to cover for treatment and eradication. The apartment complexes, through their property management companies, are then obligated to cover any damages that result from an infestation. So if a tenant files a bed bug lawsuit, they might actually be covering their own legal fees. Unfortunately, when a tenant files a lawsuit against a landlord, they typically are not covered by the lawsuit against the owner of the building. So it would make much more sense for the apartment complex to pay the tenant’s attorney fees rather than having the individual file a personal lawsuit against them.

In some states, business owners might be sued for an infestation, but might still be covered by the warranty policy of the property. The thing to keep in mind is that a mattress and box spring is one of the main causes of these little bugs’ spread. Many times, business owners will use boxes for storing items such as books, electronics, jewelry, etc. They also have many things that need to be stored in a bedroom that also need to be kept dry and away from heat and moisture. A bed bugs lawsuit might come up if those belongings are not properly cleaned and sanitized before being left on the apartments.

Furniture is also a common way that bed bugs are spread. Many apartment buildings are full of old furniture that is no longer being used by the current tenants. These pieces of furniture could have been donated to a thrift store, but it is also possible that the previous tenants were unable to keep them out of their apartments. If this is the case, the furniture will inevitably contain bed bugs which will then be spread through the environment.

If the former tenant was able to clean and sanitize the items, but the new tenant does not, this can certainly be considered a valid ground for a bed bugs lawsuit. The 40-member threshold is often used by courts in determining if there is a valid case or not. The higher the number of members in a household, generally the more likely an infestation has occurred. For this reason, many attorneys limit the amount of damages that a tenant can collect on their own, especially if they end up having to pay out a lot of money because of a high 40-member threshold.

Attorneys representing plaintiffs in bed bugs lawsuit cases are paid a contingency fee for any winning judgment, so it is always important to have your attorney present during the deposition process. If you win the case, you may be able to receive a hefty amount of compensation, which will be very helpful when trying to cover costs associated with a move and other possible expenses. It is also a good idea to consult with a lawyer who specializes in motel bed bug bites cases, as they should be able to provide valuable information regarding filing procedures and the statute of limitations in your area.

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