Portfolio Recovery Class Action Lawsuit

Who Is the Class Action Lawsuits?

If you have received a collection lawsuit in the past, you may be curious about Portfolio Recovery Class Action Lawsuits. If so, you are not alone. There are many individuals who have received these types of lawsuits. However, there are some differences between lawsuits regarding lawsuits involving portfolios. Also known as portfolio debits, these lawsuits are primarily brought by third parties who purchased a portfolio at one time and did not receive the promised services or benefits.

Plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that the defendant failed to deliver what it was supposed to do under the contract.

The defendant denies any wrongdoing. This dispute has been the subject of much litigation and has spawned class action lawsuits. In the fall of 2009, Ms. L. sued her former brokerage firm for not meeting its agreement to settle her account. Portfolio Recovery is one of those companies that are involved in this lawsuit.

The plaintiffs in these lawsuits may be allowed to collect money from all of the accounts that were sold to them.

A class action lawsuit has been introduced in the fall of 2009. The lead plaintiff in this case, Shari L. is currently seeking damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and other injuries. Portfolio Recovery is one of the companies that make up the class action lawsuit.

Another company that is closely tied to portfolio recovery is White & Case, Inc.

The lead plaintiff in one of these lawsuits, identified as Jane Doe, is seeking damages for loss of earning capacity, future wages lost and permanent disability resulting from severe neck pain. Her attorney, Robert D. Kaplan, is an expert in recovering monies from structured-settlement-annuity companies. Portfolio Recovery and White & Case are often involved in the recovery of these types of annuities.

Another company, J.G. Wentworth, L.P., is a defendant in one of the class action lawsuits.

The suit was brought on behalf of the estate of John Doe, who died in a car crash. Portfolio Recovery and J.G. Wentworth have been involved in helping many individuals who have been impacted by these types of accidents.

Many people are filing class action lawsuits against companies who are involved in the collection of monies owed to them.

If you have been the victim of such a situation, you should contact an experienced attorney who will be able to evaluate your case. These types of cases are generally good for attorneys who are well-versed in these types of lawsuits. For more information on getting monies for victims of these types of accidents, contact an experienced attorney today.

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