Sunrun Class Action Lawsuit

Sunrun Class Action Lawsuit is a lawsuit initiated by four plaintiffs who received unsolicited calls from Sunrun calling them and selling them solar classes. The complaint alleged that the defendants violated the Telephone Sales & Marketing Practices Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Fair Credit Billing Act. A class action lawsuit refers to a group of cases filed together under the name of a single lawsuit in an attempt to create unity amongst their members. Class action lawsuits also state that Sunrun, Inc., and Clean Energy Now, LLC, formed a coordinated, prerecorded, automated call center intended to sell to homeowners falsely claiming that their only choice for alternative energy was buying expensive, energy-inefficient solar panels.

The TCPA set up the Do Not Call Registry to block companies from calling residences without their permission. The Do Not Call Registry requires companies to inform potential customers if they are on the Do Not Call List. This is the crux of the Sunrun Class Action Lawsuit.

The proposed settlement between the plaintiffs and defendants would require each of the defendants to place a toll free number that customers can call to reach either a Sunrun representative or a salesperson for the Sunrun Solar Class Action Lawsuit. The lawsuit asked that the phone numbers be displayed prominently on the caller ID and that they had to put the names of both the Sunrun representative and the salesperson on the Do Not Call List. The proposed settlement also stated that all parties involved in this class action lawsuit must avoid making any misrepresentations about the nature or benefits of any applicable Sunrun products, including the battery storage systems sold by Sunrun to its customers.

The plaintiffs did not sue because they were merely selling solar panels to consumers. They sued because they did not like being called “flimsy” and “expensive”. The court did not find this was an unjustifiable reason to make consumers feel bad about purchasing their products. The Sunrun class action lawsuit also named the National Wind Energy Association as a defendant. The National Wind Energy Association is one of the leading groups opposing the production of wind energy. A spokesperson for the association has stated that the suit is without merit.

In response to the complaint, defendants have filed their own legal papers denying the allegations of the class-action lawsuit. This legal papers do not deny that the defendants engaged in misleading advertising practices, but they argue that the proposed settlement between the parties will not force them to continue doing so. They further claim that the plaintiffs’ claims are based on the defendants’ failure to demonstrate that consumers need to pay for solar services. The defendants also say that the plaintiffs waived their right to bring the lawsuit when they agreed to purchase and use the solar services at the settlement conference. They further claim that because the federal regulations requiring compliance with the CAN SPAM Act are currently in effect, the settlement cannot bind them.

The Sunrun class action lawsuit is currently pending in the Southern District of New York. The complaint names Sunrun, National Wind Power Association (NWPA), and Scott Services as defendants. The complaint further states that the defendants failed to warn consumers that unsolicited calls to conserve buying habits were illegal. The plaintiffs request a preliminary hearing where the court will determine whether the complaint has any merit.

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  1. I am having different legal issues sunrun and want to see if I can talk to you about those. I can’t believe I am the only one with these issues

    1. In December of 2021 a guy who was a neighbor approach me about putting solar panels on my house. Freedom forever was the name of the company and Sun Run was the solar company. They gave me the song and dance. Told me that 1st of all I would receive a $2900 rebate. Which I only received 900.00 2nd I told him that I was going to be selling my house in a year.
      He told me that I would be able to get more in the sale of the house with solar. That was a lie . And all the new buyers would have to do is have a credit score of 650 or pay $250 for the transfer. That was a lie. This is a 2300 sq. ft house. they put 72 panels on my house in January 2022. It was not approved by NV energy until June. At which time it was suppose to be working….it was not. Freedom Forever came out one of the inverters was bad and I had to wait. On September 29th they came and put the new inverter in. Yet, even though I was still paying NV energy all along they were still charging me from June until Sept. $1200. + NV energy. Now just as I had told my sales rep, I would be selling in a year. I sold my house, and because the panels are leased, the buyer had to have an income of double what the monthly payment is which is $318 per month so they have to have an income of an extra (approx.) $700 per month. We just found out that it is considered a debt, it is not an asset to have leased solar panels on your house. The house I was purchasing has them and its a 2 story with more square footage and the monthly payment is less. Their Loan fell through now I can’t purchase the house I want. They had paid for inspections and were relocating here to Las Vegas and we were suppose to close on February 8th. Obviously, thats not going to happen. Sun Run and Freedom forever are Scamming the public, or omitting several things to the consumer. What I want is for them to pay off the solar panel…which they told me would be roughly $60,000 so that I can sell my house.
      This company is in Costco and is misleading and committing fraud to many of my neighbors and a lot of Las Vegas Residents, and their license should be revoked.

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