The Importance of Hiring a CIA Lawyer

You’ve probably seen stories about CIA lawyers and the scandal that followed the Iran-Contra assassination plot. Perhaps you’ve read the Eatiner reports and Rizzo memos. If so, you’ll understand why hiring a lawyer for the CIA is crucial. Read on to find out what these reports and memos mean. CIA lawyers work hard to protect our country and our national security, and a good one has some impressive credentials.


As acting general counsel of the CIA, John A. Rizzo has helped guide several generations of CIA leaders. The agency has praised his legal acumen and his eye-watering wardrobe at its headquarters. But Rizzo is more than a lawyer: he’s also a friend and ally who understands murky morality. Rizzo’s book provides more than just an insight into the CIA’s practices. It also sheds light on Rizzo’s personal life.

Rizzo has a distinguished career at the CIA. He has been hailed as one of its most influential lawyers in history. He helped create the CIA’s secret prison system and enhanced interrogation program. He wrote the “extraordinary” presidential authorization document that provided legal underpinnings for the agency’s covert actions. The revelations of Rizzo’s legal role in the 9/11 investigation nearly derailed his nomination as general counsel.


Caroline Krass, a Justice Department lawyer, has won confirmation as CIA general counsel. Her confirmation comes after several senators lifted holds on her nomination over concerns about the CIA’s lack of cooperation with the government. Majority Leader Harry Reid obtained unanimous consent to vote on her confirmation right away. The change in heart comes in part from concerns about Eatinger’s conduct as acting CIA general counsel. Although he was not a part of the decision to confirm her, Brennan praised her nomination and publicly defended Eatinger.

Bybee memos

The case centered on the controversial Bybee memo that authorized the CIA to use enhanced interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists. The memo, which outlined the techniques in detail, was signed by the former head of the Office of Legal Counsel. It defined torture as pain accompanying a serious physical injury or death. The case has also generated political fallout, as the treatment of prisoners captured in wartime is a concern for the American people.

The Bybee memo titled “Defenses” offers legal defense for interrogation techniques that violate Section 2340A. In doing so, the memo provides a fail-safe argument, which the CIA may rely on in case of a legal violation. The memo further discusses the definition of torture and its potential unconstitutionality. The memo argues that acts that violate the statute may be legal because they are necessary to protect the United States.

Bybee reports

The recent controversy over the CIA’s hiring of a lawyer to spy on American citizens has put the spotlight on the role of the Office of Legal Counsel. While the Office of Legal Counsel’s primary responsibility is advising the president, its role has evolved into something more akin to a judge. In a nutshell, the Office of Legal Counsel advises the president and the government on matters of national security and foreign policy.

Despite the controversy surrounding the CIA’s legal team, the CIA has not ceased its surveillance activities, including the use of torture on American citizens. According to a report published by JURIST, the CIA abused its lawyers to get secret intelligence information on American citizens. Several high-profile cases have been filed in federal courts in the United States, including several involving CIA lawyers. This case has prompted Congress to create a special prosecutor’s office.

Bybee report on torture

The OPR investigation into the CIA’s use of torture failed to address the ultimate legal wrong committed by Yoo and Bybee. Doing so would have implicated too many high-ranking officials at the Justice Department. Instead, the investigation focused on John Yoo as a convenient ploy to avoid confronting the systemic illegality that implicated Justice Department lawyers, Bush administration officials, and President Bush.

As a result, the American Civil Liberties Union’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuits succeeded in snagging critical documents. The ACLU, which has long defended the rights of Americans, urged a criminal investigation into senior government officials who approved torture. The Bybee report, published in JURIST, outlines the policies and procedures used by the Bush administration to subject detainees to torture.

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