The Truth About the Toro My Ride Video Lawsuit

Toro My Ride lawsuit is one of the most popular bike accidents in the United States that has been causing many casualties. The story of the plaintiff’s accident was captured on video and went viral within days. Many people are talking about the case in hushed tones and the reason is the disturbing video and the graphic images showing the injuries suffered by the plaintiff after being slammed from his bike.

The accident occurred at the Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado.

The plaintiff, identified as Robert Capra, had gone skiing when he got off his bike to use the facilities and was leaning over the edge of the snow while eating his lunch when the accident occurred. While leaning over the edge, the plaintiff lost his balance and slid down onto the ground. He hit his head on a rock below and suffered brain injuries.

The news reports about the accident have caused many to lose their appetite for regular food.

Some are asking if they can sue because of the effects of being unable to eat after such an event. According to the lawyers handling the case, the damages awarded to the plaintiffs will help them pay for medical expenses as well as for their living expenses for the next five years while they are unable to work. The compensation pays for the cost of their meals while they are in the hospital and for their travelling expenses while receiving treatment.

There have been some suggestions that the accident might have been avoidable if the plaintiffs had taken some common sense precautions when on the slopes.

For instance, they should have been wearing a helmet which would have protected them from the first crash. It was also suggested that they may have tried to negotiate with the other motorist involved or with the resort management team on their behalf. These suggestions seem quite reasonable and it would be great if such things could have been sorted out in the accident itself rather than allowing the whole case to collapse due to the lack of evidence.

One thing that seems beyond any doubt is that both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s insurance companies will be contesting the case.

There have been rumors that the insurance company of one of the alleged victims is about to drop the case because of lack of evidence. Even the insurance company of the driver at the wheel has denied any liability in the accident saying that the video showed the vehicle making an “unintentional turn” at the time of the accident. Whatever the reason for the filing of the case, it looks like the Toro My Ride video will be a big factor in this case for quite a few years to come.

All in all, it looks like this is a likely case that will go to trial.

The only question is how long will it take to reach a decision? It doesn’t look like the plaintiff’s lawyer is going to give up very easily and neither is her client. As with any other situation of this kind, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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