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Truvia is a Trane Tractor brand of product. One of the most popular features is its “Truvia Quiet Power” compressor which allows you to run your air conditioning and heating without any noise or vibration. This is great but what if your compressor stops working and it becomes very noisy? How does a Trane TXV Lawsuit help? Well, if you use a Trane air conditioner while at work or in your home, there is a high likelihood that you are going to be granted class action status. You have to be part of the class in order to be eligible for the damages.

The problem was that the compressor failed to discharge liquid into the condenser coils.

This was not a huge problem, but because it did not discharge any liquid into the condenser coils, it created a dangerous chemical reaction with one of the refrigerant gas lines. If this happens, then you have a Trane TXV lawsuit. Trane is aware that this problem is a problem with their products and that they are required to correct it by making a small change. What changes were made and how did they affect the lawsuit?

The first thing that they changed was to use a new, non-chemical preservative to put into all of their refrigerants.

Then they placed a serial number plate on the compressor so that a replacement could be ordered. Then they changed the valve specifications and added a second locking nut to the cooling fins. Finally they created a new closing device that is easier for the consumer to open.

From the complaint, it appears that the manufacturer of the Trane TXV Lawsuit actually recommends that people use cookies and ice cream in order to make sure that the device functions properly.

Yes, this is an excellent suggestion! Why? Well, what do we know about causing cancer? It seems that all of the ingredients in these cookies are considered cancer-causing agents.

The second item that was introduced into the market to help consumers avoid being effected by Trane’s defective products was a rust inhibitor.

Now if you do a search on the internet, you will find that this ingredient is used in many different kinds of food to prevent rust from forming in food and utensils. So why did than feel the need to add a rust inhibitor to the products that it manufactures? Because brand’s advertising claims suggest that using these cookies will help to prevent rust from occurring in your home.

From the complaint and answer it appears that the company simply added an extra safety feature to their product without taking into consideration whether it was necessary or whether they needed to change the basic product to one that did not contain this chemical.

When my husband and I filed our lawsuit, we had to prove that the products that we were using were dangerous and that the company knew or should have known that it was dangerous and was continuing to add to the list of dangerous products in their refrigerant and compressor line. We ended up winning the case and are currently working with an excellent legal team in our attempt to force trane to remove the liquid line from their products. You can contact me via email or my lawyer if you are interested in filing a Trane TXV Lawsuit.

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  1. Can someone please contact me? I just had this very problem on a 16 month old unit manufactured in 2020. I’m told by the HVAC company that Trane is STILL using the anti-corrosive agent causing TXV valves to fail. My repairs were not under warranty and were over $400.

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