Angus Sampson and Matthew McConaughey in Movies Like The Lincoln Lawyer

Although it’s not the most original film, “The Lincoln Lawyer” is a decent film with an engaging storyline, a subplot, and a cast full of interesting characters. The dialogue is often entertaining and the movie never goes too far, achieving the right ambiance. I give it a B. Because it’s a political film, you should expect some politics. But if you’re into Angus Sampson and Matthew McConaughey, you’ll likely enjoy this film as much as Erin Brockovich.

Angus Sampson

You’ve probably seen Angus Sampson in movies like Fargo or Mad Max: Fury Road, but have you seen him in other roles, too? If not, you might want to check him out. He’s played the part of Ozzy in The Walking Dead and he’s also a member of the cast of the upcoming Netflix drama. Sampson’s career has been a steady one, and his impressive list of credits includes the movies Insidious Chapters 2 and 3, as well as Mad Max: Fury Road and Fargo. As the executive producer of the Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly is bringing us the series, which is expected to premiere in fall 2020.

Sampson’s career started with the Insidious films, but he’s also appeared in other films, including The Mule and Nightflyers. He also worked on Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous and The Mule. The actor’s work also includes movies like The Mule, which was filmed in Kenya. In addition to Sampson, LisaGay Hamilton and Jamie McShane also star. Sampson will play Cisco, while Newton will play Lorna, a woman who has the last name of Wojciechowski in the Michael Connelly books.

Matthew McConaughey

You’ve probably seen Matthew McConaughey in rom-coms and action movies for the past decade, but he’s not confined to such roles. The actor aims to dig deeper in his roles than his previous movies. This one is no exception. The director has tapped into the actor’s charisma and charm to create a character that is as deep as possible. Here’s what to expect from McConaughey in movies like Lincoln Lawyer.

The plot of The Lincoln Lawyer is complex, and fans should take note of McConaughey’s past performances in crime-drama movies. Unlike many of his previous roles, the actor’s role in The Lincoln Lawyer demonstrates his versatility. His ability to portray the role of a scheming, smart, and ambitious criminal is remarkable. His charisma makes him a popular choice to play such a role, and the movie will surely win Oscars.

Kiele Sanchez

CBS has cast Kingdom alum, Kiele Sanchez, as the female lead in a new drama series, The Lincoln Lawyer. Sanchez will play Lorna Haller, Mickey’s second ex-wife who is running the business side of his practice and also serves as a therapist. No one has yet been cast as Haller himself, which will be interesting to see. The show will be written and executive produced by David E. Kelley and is based on the novel by Michael Connelly.

After her successful role in the horror-thriller ‘Insanitarium,’ Sanchez starred in two more movies. She played recurring roles in ‘The Glades’ and ‘Samatha Who?’, and starred in the sitcom ‘Kingdom’, which had four seasons. She was also a series regular in ‘Duck Dynasty’, an upcoming comedy-drama series from Disney-ABC.

Erin Brockovich

The story of Erin Walsh, a divorced mother of three who is a lawyer and has no formal legal training, is one that has captivated audiences ever since it was first released in 2000. This inspiring tale of compassion and determination is the stuff of movies like Lincoln Lawyer, and Julia Roberts’ performance is one of her best. In the film, she makes headlines by exposing a massive cover-up by the government against a contaminated water company.

Despite being a legal thriller, “The Lincoln Lawyer” manages to make the story compelling. It has an excellent cast, including Matthew McConaughey, who makes a fine appearance in this role – especially compared to the blander roles he usually chooses. Still, the film has many flaws. The cast is a little overblown, but McConaughey is more than capable of playing the likable, laid-back character that is Erin Brockovich.

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