DA Michael Lynn and a Brief History of Time

During his tenure as Santa Barbara’s district attorney, Michael Lynn has prosecuted violent felony cases and gang crimes. He has also taught Advanced Evidence at the Santa Barbara School of Law and received the Thomas Guerry Award. Lynn is a partner at Lynn & O’Brien, LLP. In addition to practicing law, Lynn is a member of the California Bar Association. In 2006, he was named to the state bar’s Women’s Law Section.

DA Dudley

The upcoming election for the District Attorney of Santa Barbara County will be an important test for the DA. Dudley has already done a lot of good things for the county, including creating an arson task force, fighting the MS-13 drug ring, and restoring a truancy program. He will also be challenged by Assistant District Attorney John Savrnoch, who has announced his candidacy. Both candidates are Democrats.

The election for District Attorney in Santa Barbara has caused a national debate on criminal justice reform. Protests followed the death of George Floyd, a police officer. Protests and calls to defund police led to a wave of progressive prosecutors being elected. The new prosecutors promised to take the focus off of incarceration and focus on reducing the “root cause” of crime. In Santa Barbara, Dudley has remained committed to that cause.

DA Savrnoch

John Savrnoch has been endorsed for the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office by the Santa Barbara Deputy District Attorney’s Association. Currently, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office is headed by District Attorney Joyce Dudley, who served three terms and also worked as a Deputy District Attorney for many years. In January of 2023, Dudley will retire. Former Deputy District Attorney John Savrnoch will now take over as Santa Barbara County’s chief prosecutor.

DA Savrnoch’s policies on law enforcement are in line with a nationwide debate on criminal justice reform. In 2016, a Minneapolis police officer killed a black man and sparked protests. Several cities elected progressive prosecutors, promising to address “the root causes” of crime. Savrnoch is a proponent of restorative justice. Her policy goals include creating a system that helps people who commit crimes to make amends for their actions and promoting education and community service to reduce crime.

DA Kolbert

When Susan Kolbert comes to Santa Barbara for a talk on her new book “A Brief History of Time,” you know it’s going to be a riveting read. She’ll speak at UC Santa Barbara’s Corwin Pavilion as part of the IHC’s Regeneration series. Afterward, she’ll sign books and answer questions from the audience. The book was written in part because Kolbert is an incredibly passionate and engrossing storyteller.

DA Dudley’s relationship with Kamala Harris

DA Dudley and Kamala Harris share a history of friendship. The two first met in 2005 while Dudley was a deputy district attorney in San Francisco. Dudley was introduced to Harris’s mother, Dr. Shyamala Harris, by her friend, a cancer researcher. The two women bonded over the mutual love of Indian food and the issues of systemic racism against Black people.

The DA’s relationship with Kamala Harris was first linked in 1994, in a Los Angeles Times article. The couple had been separated from their wives for more than a decade. Willie Brown dated Harris during the mid-1990s, and their relationship ended in 1995. The Washington Examiner published a photo of Harris and Willie Brown but did not provide a date or source for the photo. The photo also includes two other people on the left side of the frame.

DA Dudley’s refusal to prosecute Yoni Gottesman

DA Dudley’s decision not to prosecute Yoni Gottesman is based on flawed logic. He didn’t know if Yoni was wearing polarized sunglasses or not. He also didn’t know if the lifeguards were wearing sunglasses. Despite other evidence and the security tape, Clark maintained that Yoni was swimming past the rope and shouldn’t have been in the water.

In a case like this, DA Dudley failed to properly investigate the facts of the case. The alleged crimes were committed against a small child. The DA and his office failed to interview percipient witnesses or preserve evidence from the scene. Instead, they ignored witnesses who told the Coroner that the conditions were unsafe and failed to obtain video of Yoni’s drowning.

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