Divorce Lawyers in Shreveport, LA

Before you choose a divorce attorney in Shreveport, you should know your rights as a divorcing couple. The law firm handles all family law cases, from the dissolution of marriage to child custody and support. Robert P. Dunlap and David L. White are some of the prominent divorce attorneys in Shreveport, Louisiana. These attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of cases. They can also assist with estate planning matters.

Robert P. Dunlap

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Marine Corps, Robert P. Dunlap was a devoted member of the community. He married Lou Gillman, who had a Scottish background, in 1896. His children were Mary Lyle Dunlap, who married Joseph J. McClain, and Robert P. Dunlap, who married Patti Warwick Hayden, who married Jerry M. Hayden.

Dunlap was born in 1828. His father, John Matthew, was a member of the Southern Army. His mother, Margaret Jane, married Dr. David E. Strain in 1851. His sisters, Agnes Gay Dunlap, and Minerva Dunlap married General Henry C. Dunlap (who served in the Union Army from 1861 to 65). Their children included Emmet Lincoln Dunlap, Nellie Johnson, and W. Jett Lauck.

David L. White

Attorney David L. White has been practicing law since 1982. His areas of specialization include divorce, child custody, and support, as well as property distribution. He also represents clients who are accused of serious crimes or who have been injured. White is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association House of Delegates. His office has a high success rate and a reputation for achieving results for his clients.

Yocom Law Firm LLC represents families and individuals in Shreveport. Jimbo Yocom, managing attorney, helps clients navigate through child custody and support matters. He also assists clients with special needs for adult children. The firm’s legal team is led by Jimbo Yocom. He is experienced in helping clients come to agreements that will work for everyone. Yocom founded Yocom Law Firm LLC in 2020 and serves as a volunteer at the Annual St. Jude Auction.

Carl Henry Franklin

If you need a good divorce lawyer, you should consider hiring the services of the firm headed by attorney Carl Henry Franklin. Franklin has been practicing law in Louisiana and East Texas for over 35 years and has built a reputation for providing a high-quality service to his clients. His practice is focused on Family Law, Wills, Succession, and Estate Planning. If you need a divorce attorney, contact Carl Henry Franklin today.

Mark D. Frederick

If you need a lawyer to help you resolve your divorce, consider contacting Mark D. Frederick, a divorce lawyer in Shreveport, LA. You can contact them by phone during business hours or on weekends, or you can visit their office to meet with the attorney in person. You can read reviews of past clients to determine how satisfied they are with the services provided by the firm.

Before retaining a lawyer, you should determine what legal area you need help with. You can browse attorneys by practice area, geographic location, and fees to find one that best fits your needs. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can compare their expertise, fees, and reviews. You can even receive a price quote within minutes! Whether you’re a man or woman, Mark D. Frederick is your best option.

Clinton M. Bowers

The legal practice of Clinton M. Bowers, a divorce lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana, focuses on a wide range of family disputes. Bowers earned his JD from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU and is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. In addition to divorce and family law, he works in civil litigation. In particular, he has experience handling cases involving high-conflict relationships and he utilizes mediation techniques in all cases. Bowers Law Firm strives to achieve successful resolutions to their clients’ disputes.

In addition to divorce and family law, Yocom Law Firm LLC also represents clients in child support litigation and interdiction. They handle cases involving spousal support, child custody, and child support, as well as military divorce and adoption. Jimbo Yocom leads the firm’s legal team and helps clients develop workable agreements. He has been practicing law for over 40 years and is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s House of Delegates.

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