Lawyers in Regina, Saskatchewan

If you are looking for a lawyer in Regina, Saskatchewan, you can use a resource like Mysask411. This resource lets you narrow down your search by service, location, and area of law. You can even look for specific lawyers near you and see their hours. Using a directory such as Mysask411 will help you find the right Regina lawyer for your case. But you can also try out other online resources, such as Yellow Pages.

A good lawyer can connect you with a lawyer in Regina

If you need to hire a Regina lawyer, you’re in luck! A good lawyer can connect you with a legal professional in Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina used to be a small city, but it is now growing rapidly, with lawyers servicing the province as a whole. Finding a lawyer in Regina can be a daunting process, but Goodlawyer makes it simple. Simply fill out the form and a lawyer in Regina will be in touch with you.

With our easy online platform, you can find a Regina lawyer and pay him or her directly, eliminating the usual billable hour model. A good lawyer is partnered with APOLLO to offer the lowest rates. The site also has a marketplace for insurance, but no lawyer in Regina offers all types of services. A good lawyer is not your grandfather’s neighborhood law firm, but a network of business-minded lawyers for you to choose from.

Edwards Family Law

If you’re looking for a family law attorney in Regina, Saskatchewan, you’ve come to the right place. Regina Edwards focuses on divorce, separation, and child custody cases, but she has more experience than just the basics. She built her firm on business, personal, and family law, but eventually expanded into civil litigation. Because of her extensive experience in banking, business, and the family law arena, she can serve you best.

The owner of Edwards Family Law is Regina I. Edwards, who has been practicing law since 2001. She attended Tulane University School of Law and focused on family law courses. Regina has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in complex family law cases. Regina speaks three languages and enjoys reading, watching football, hiking, and camping. While practicing law, Regina also enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and going camping.

McDougall Gauley

The law firm of McDougall Gauley LLP focuses on a variety of business matters, including insurance. The firm’s lawyers are highly experienced and focused on each client’s particular circumstances. As such, they are considered among the most trusted law firms in Canada. Here are some of their many services and highlights:

The firm has a rich history dating back to 1891. This includes serving clients domestically and internationally, government, and individuals in the field of business and law. Its attorneys are actively involved in the legal community, and its lawyers hold leadership positions with numerous organizations. Some of the firm’s alumni have even served as judges in Saskatchewan courts. Their legal services are also focused on the mining industry. Listed below are some of the most notable areas of practice of McDougall Gauley lawyers in Regina:

Calcaterra Pollack LLP

Law firm Calcaterra Pollack LLP was founded in Regina in 2000 by Regina Pollack, a former partner at two prominent law firms. She has since authored a New York Times best-selling book and has held senior positions in government. Her practice is focused on commercial litigation, class actions, government investigations, and social justice. She also represents municipal governments in various matters, including those involving child abuse. Her practice is dedicated to fostering inclusion and promoting the well-being of her workers.

She also has a passion for social justice. In early March of 2019, Regina gave notice at her firm to launch her boutique. Having worked in law firms for more than a decade, she has made it her mission to champion social justice and defend consumers. However, she did not anticipate the worldwide pandemic that would follow. Despite these challenges, she is determined to make it work. In this way, she hopes to provide clients with a high-quality legal service.

Anderson Stodalka

If you are looking for a lawyer in Regina, Saskatchewan, you have found the right place. Anderson Stodalka practices in the fields of Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, and Employment / Labour. In addition to his practice in the legal field, he also has experience in other areas. Listed below are some of the things to keep in mind when searching for a lawyer in Regina. Read on to learn about his practice.

Josephine Stodalka passed away on February 18, 2020. She was the wife of Bill Harry Stodalka. She was born in Richmond, Saskatchewan, on November 8, 1932. Jo attended the Krupp School until the age of fifteen and later completed her high school in Richmond. She and Bill were married on August 12, 1953. They have six children, five boys, and one girl.

MacKay & McLean

The partners of MacKay & McLean Barristers specialize in a range of legal services, ranging from personal injury cases to commercial law. Founded in 1976, they have a proven track record of success, and its highly experienced lawyers provide personalized service. They are members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Regina Bar Association. Contact them today for a consultation. MacKay & McLean lawyers in Regina provide full-service legal services to people in Saskatchewan, including criminal law, home purchase, and personal injury cases.

Tara Talbot is a seasoned lawyer who obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing law in Saskatchewan ever since. She is on the board of the Regina Mortgage and Loan Association and developed her practice in wills and estates nearly a decade ago. She devotes ample time to each transaction, and she is easily approachable when issues arise. Ruth S. McGill founded Robb Dowling Talbot Law in 1933. The firm provides estate planning services, power of attorney, and estate administration.

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