The International Academy of Trial Lawyers

The International Academy of Trial Lawyers is an association of the world’s top attorneys. Its membership is limited to 500 attorneys, half of whom represent plaintiffs and half represent defendants. Members are selected from more than thirty countries. Applicants for membership undergo a rigorous investigation process to ensure that they possess the legal and ethical qualities to be considered for induction. Judges who have evaluated the attorney also give their opinions on the nominees’ abilities.


The International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL) is a prestigious organization of top-notch trial attorneys. Founded in 1954, the Academy is comprised of nearly 500 trial lawyers from nearly forty countries. Membership is by invitation only, and applicants must be active members of the criminal and civil trial bars in their jurisdictions. The Academy’s standards for membership include exceptional skill, service, and integrity. For this reason, only lawyers with a significant track record of success have been invited to join.

Charles Eblen is the first American trial lawyer from Pennsylvania to be inducted into the prestigious organization. He is a member of the Philadelphia law firm Golomb & Honik, P.C. In addition to being inducted into IATL, Mr. Golomb is also a member of the American Bar Association. Although the International Academy of Trial Lawyers is an elite organization, it is still an honor to be chosen as a fellow. The vetting process is conducted by the judicial branch, and applicants must demonstrate a lifetime of professionalism and excellence in the field of trial advocacy. In addition to having a proven track record in trial practice, fellows are often selected for their pro bono work.

Board of Directors

Jason Konvicka has been elected to the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. The Academy is a prestigious group of more than 500 attorneys, including plaintiffs and defense counsel in civil litigation. Its membership is highly selective. Trial lawyers are invited to become Fellows only after extensive peer review and judicial review. Fellows also commit time and effort to advancing the mission of the Academy.

The Academy’s budget and finance committee studies and supervises the organization’s finances. This committee develops an annual budget that governs all Academy Officers, Fellows, and Board of Directors. The budget provides a framework for the Academy’s financial priorities and allows the Board to set priorities. The committee also serves as the Academy’s voice on financial issues. It presents the Academy’s budget to the Board of Directors every year.


There are a small number of lawyers in the United States who are Fellows of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. While membership is by invitation only, more than 150 trial lawyers from nearly 40 countries are also Fellows. Fellows are highly accomplished, distinguished trial advocates who demonstrate a dedication to the administration of justice and exceptional skill in trial practice. The Academy has been in existence for over 50 years and has an honorific designation for Fellows.

The IATL is the premier group of trial lawyers in the world and comprises defense and plaintiff’s counsel from more than 30 countries. The criteria for admission are rigorous. Nominees must possess superior trial skills and extensive trial experience and be of unimpeachable character. Fellows are selected based on their integrity and professionalism, and they must also exhibit the highest ethical standards. To join the IATL, a trial lawyer must be admitted to the organization through invitation only.

Finance & Accountability score

If you’re looking for a nonprofit with the highest score in the Finance & Accountability category, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Foundation is probably not the organization for you. The IRS is notoriously slow to process tax returns for nonprofits, and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Foundation has an outdated score, which means that its current operations are unknown. However, the Finance & Accountability score provides a baseline measure of an organization’s financial health and its commitment to governance practices. This score includes financial indicators that are based on their Form 990 data.

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