Who Is Liable for Injuries in NYC After a Slip and Fall on a Faulty Sidewalk?

Slip and fall incidents are listed among the top causes of accident-related disability and death throughout the United States. What might be a simple unfortunate slip and fall can lead to severe physical injuries, rendering the victim incapacitated and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income and medical expenses. These accidents can occur at any place and time without warning and are commonly caused by violations of public safety standards at private, commercial, and government properties.

As a city with some of the heaviest foot traffic in the United States, New York City relies heavily on its sidewalk infrastructure. The large number of pedestrians walking on a sidewalk at any given time significantly raises the risk of occurrence of a public safety violation resulting in a slip and fall incident. Whether the sidewalk is located on public or private property, you can sue the negligent party for the compensation of damages resulting from such an accident.

Causes of Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents

Most sidewalk slip and fall accidents in New York City occur due to preventable safety hazards like broken sidewalk slabs, uneven walking surfaces, missing or damaged slabs, a buildup of ice or snow, debris (rocks, dirt, gravel), cracks and fissures, open potholes, construction site sidewalks without warning signs, and more. With adequate maintenance, periodic safety checks, and public complaints, these hazards can be eliminated, and any unfortunate accidents avoided.

Determining Liability

According to the New York City Administrative Code, all property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions on the sidewalks on their premises. Property owners owe all pedestrians, guests, and patrons a duty of care, which entails adequate maintenance and repair of any hazardous conditions that might make slip and fall accidents possible. It includes the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalks and the elimination of any slipping or tripping hazards on or around the pavement.

If your slip and fall accident occurs on a sidewalk that falls within the public domain, you might be able to pursue legal damages through a lawsuit filed against New York City municipality. To obtain fair compensation for your damages, you must submit evidence of physical and financial damages along with photographic evidence of the tripping hazard at the site of the accident and any eyewitness statements recorded at the time of the incident. You should also keep a record of the weather conditions at the time of your slip and fall injury and note down all expenses that resulted directly from the accident and subsequent injuries.


If you or your loved one slipped and fell on a New York City sidewalk, you might be able to sue the negligent party for the compensation of damages resulting directly from the accident. Hiring a competent attorney is one of the most important steps to ensure that your rights will be safeguarded in case of a slip-and-fall accident. Whether your lawsuit is against a private property owner or the city municipality, you can rely on a skilled lawyer to guide you through the complicated process of filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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