Elk Shingles Lawsuit

The Elk shingle was a brand of asphalt shingles that was acquired by GAF in 2007. The company has since changed its name to GAF Timberline. The shingles have a limited lifetime warranty. The company has since changed its raw materials and manufacturing practices. However, the lawsuit continues to be a hot topic. The plaintiffs are seeking a large settlement to cover the costs of replacing the roofs of affected consumers.

The GAF company settled a class-action lawsuit filed against the company over its organic Independence asphalt shingles.

Many consumers were complaining of warped shingles, tearing off the roof, and blowing off their roofs. The lawsuit alleged a problem with the adhesive, which was used to attach the shingles to the roof. It is also important to note that fiberglass shingle manufacturers are still facing the same problem as the GAF shingles.

In the lawsuit, the company was required to pay homeowners for replacing damaged roof shingles, a cash payment, and other damages. But the manufacturer, GAF, never admitted that the Timberline shingles were defective or that “cracking teams” were used to install them. Therefore, the court found that the company was not at fault. The judge also noted that GAF had used “substandard materials and practices” in their products, and the court’s decision in the Carr v. GAF case is not yet final.

While GAF has admitted to making inaccurate claims in the lawsuit, the manufacturer still stands by its product’s warranty.

In the lawsuit, GAF is responsible for installing the shingles on a home. In addition to replacing the roof shingles, GAF is also responsible for compensating homeowners with cash payments and other damages. Despite this, GAF has never admitted that its Timberline shingle products were defective or that its ‘cracking teams’ were responsible for the problems.

The GAF case is related to the issue of defective Timberline shingles. Among the plaintiffs are GAF v. GAF, Inc. is a Louisiana state court. The defendants deny any liability in the elk shingles lawsuit. Further, the judge ruled that the elk shingle has caused damages for the homeowners. A jury found that the shingles were defective.

GAF has admitted that the claims in the lawsuit were inaccurate.

The company also said that it had manufactured three different types of shingles: Timberline 30 years and 40 years. The Lifetime Warranty specifies the durability of the shingles for a specific time. Both warranties were invalid. The GAF products were a shoddy roofing material. A GAF representative acknowledged that the shingles failed to provide adequate protection for the homeowners.

The GAF shingles lawsuit was a successful one. The plaintiffs were awarded replacement shingles and cash payouts. While GAF has never acknowledged that its Timberline products were defective, they did admit that its “cracking teams” used substandard materials and practices. Ultimately, the case is still related to a GAF shingle warranty, which GAF was required to honor. The company was not responsible for the defective shingles, and they were not at fault.

Although GAF has settled a class-action lawsuit over its Organic Independence shingles, it has not settled any other lawsuits related to its shingles.

This is because of the defects in the GAF’s adhesive, which caused the shingles to shift. The resulting moisture has caused significant damage to the property. The federal and state courts in Texas and Louisiana have decided to settle the cases. The two companies have settled after a lengthy trial.

The company was forced to replace the roofs of the homeowners who had been injured by the defect. They also were awarded damages and compensation. The GAF Timberline(r) Shingles lawsuit was filed against GAF. The GAF shingle was installed on the homes of a person in Mobile, Alabama. It is a part of the litigation against GAF. While the claim against GAF was settled, a few other companies have faced similar problems with their products.

The GAF Timberline shingle lawsuit was settled in 2002 by a federal judge.

The lawsuits involved the faulty shingles that have led to many people claiming that the shingles have caused their houses to crack and cause other property damage. The settlement is an important step toward protecting the rights of the victims and the public. The company has already paid out in a previous class action over its faulty shingles.

18 thoughts on “Elk Shingles Lawsuit

  1. I installed elk 30 yrshingles 2001 and my shingles are all brittle and cracking. Now I have to purchase a new roof after 22 yrs because now I also have water damage. How can I get involved with this suit.

  2. I have a roof that is only about 17 years old with Elk 40 yr prestique shingle. The granuels are sloughing off and roof needs to be replaced within next few years. would like to get info to be included in this lawsuit

  3. My roof with Elk Prestigue Shingles was installed in 2004 and the roof shingles are brittle and cracking. Please let me know how I can participate for the class action suit.

  4. I found this by Googling the Elk Shingle because ours are falling off our our roof. We have lifting in several areas and now a leak. Our home was built in 2006. How can we get more information on the class action suit?

  5. My house was built in 2007 by Tilson Home’s in Texas. The Elk shingles have started to deteriorate and are failing after only 15 years.. The manufacturer should replace them. They have a 30 year warranty supposedly?? What is my recourse now that GAF bought ELK..??

  6. My Elk P30 Hd Barkwood shingles were installed in 2003, and roof is leaking and was told we need a whole new roof. from the ground it looks fine. The estimator from the roofing company face time and took many pics while on roof for replacement estimate. I believe this roof should still be good but told other wise. Looking to see if any warranty support available on this defective product ??

  7. techincally the elk shingles are discontinued. This is due to gaf buying them out in 2007 and changing the product. The dimensions are no longer the same and this shingle cant be repaired properly. Shingle warranty only covers defects of shingle, not wear and tear from age. It will also not cover damage resulting from hail or wind, in this case the insurance would be responsible for any damage. Hope this helps.

  8. Our Elk roof was installed in 2001. Now, in November of 2022 we are just now discovering severe shingle failures that indicate the entire roof will need to be removed and replaced. I am in receipt of a proposal of $40,000 to remove and replace the entires roof system.

    Can I still hour a class action lawsuit that had been previously filed against the new owners of Elk products? Exactly what are my options at this point in time?

  9. I built my home in Rockwall, TX, in 2006. I chose the Elk Domain Winslow “Premium Landscape Shingle.” This product was offered with a 50-YEAR Limited Warranty. My wife and CFO saved everything including the original brochure, invoices, name of the roofing contractor, etc. Two weeks ago, I asked my Allstate rep. to send an inspector to help find the source/cause of two leaks. I went on the roof (3/12), with him and was shocked. I took photos of excessive granular loss and many dozens of shingles beginning to separate, exposing raw fiberglass strands. The insurance inspector was NOT surprised and suspected there are probably class action lawsuits in progress. Same questions and Mr. Cole, above.
    So, here I am.

  10. I had my home reroofed in 2006 using 30 year warranty Elk Raised Profile , Class A self sealing, laminated asphalt fiberglass shingles. I now have such extreme granular loss that my homeowners insurance is requiring a new roof. Is it possible to make a claim?

  11. I also purchased the Elk shingles in 2007 with 40 year warranty. I was never notified by the building supply place that i purchased them from or the manufacturer. I reached out to GAF after my husband found many leaks in our roof and after replacing a section of our roof where we found the first leak. GAF awarded us a settlement to replace just the shingles and said we were out of date for a recall that was 2 years old. Why should we have to pay labor again for something that was supposed to last 40 years!!! Help!

  12. I am also having issues with my elk shingles purchased in 2002. I now have leaks and mold in my attic. Please contact me

  13. New construction home with a 30 year ELK shingle installed in 2004. Now need to replace roof. Please contact me.

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