Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project is an incredible resource that provides free legal advice to those who need it. The program is operated by the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission in partnership with six community offices and 12 bar associations. This organization launched ms. Freelegalanswers.org is a website where citizens can ask questions about legal issues and receive answers from volunteer attorneys. In 2016, the MVLP held 28 legal clinics in communities across the state and closed 545 cases.


The Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP) is an organization that matches attorneys with cases in need of legal assistance. It is a joint project between the Mississippi Bar Mutual Insurance Company and the state’s two legal services programs. In 2016, the MVLP matched attorneys with 211 cases, and they were able to refer 1273 individuals to other legal services programs. This year, they hope to make a larger impact. This article will outline the many ways in which attorneys can help those in need in Mississippi.

The MVLP’s scope of services is quite broad and includes uncontested divorce, guardianship, removal of minority, name change, birth certificate correction, and child support contempt. The program also offers help in conservatorship and visitation. MVLP is committed to helping clients who need legal assistance with these matters, and their work is rewarded with a variety of awards and recognitions. Volunteer attorneys also give their time to help others.

Clients served

The Human Rights Campaign of Mississippi fights for LGBTQ+ equality and is part of the national Project One America. They have permanent campaigns in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas. Their work includes pro bono legal services, workshops on life planning, and educational material on Mississippi law. In addition, they offer legal advice on the right way to choose an attorney and how to navigate the court system. This year, they want to make an even greater impact.

The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project matches eligible attorneys with low-income Mississippians who require legal help. The volunteer attorneys are covered by professional liability insurance. The project partners with Legal Services offices that screen prospective clients. The Director of the MVLP matches a Volunteer lawyer with a client. The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project is also in need of law school graduates and recent graduates, as well as lawyers in between jobs. To volunteer, lawyers should apply here.

Number of cases handled

In 2017, the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project assisted a total of 1273 people, a record high for this type of program. The project offers information and resources on how to choose an attorney, how to navigate the Mississippi court system, and more. This year, it hopes to serve more people. To get involved, fill out the volunteer application. We’ll keep you posted! You’ll never know when you’ll need assistance!

The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project was created in 1982 as a joint program of the Mississippi Bar and the state’s Legal Services department. Its services include Stewpot Homeless Legal Clinic, Pro Se Divorce Clinic, Guardianship Clinic, and Family Law Clinics. Another service is the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights, which fights worker mistreatment and develops indigenous worker leadership in the state. MVLP also provides legal assistance on workplace safety and wrongful dismissal cases.

Case type

The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project is a partnership between the Mississippi Bar and Legal Services Corporation, wherein attorneys donate their time to the legal aid of low-income, disadvantaged individuals. The organization is dedicated to helping the poorest of the poor in Mississippi. Its programs include the Stewpot Homeless Legal Clinic, Pro Se Divorce Clinics, Guardianship Clinics, and Family Law Clinics. A separate program, the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights, is designed to combat worker mistreatment and develop indigenous workforce leadership. Its services include addressing workplace safety, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and unfair labor practices.

The pro bono efforts of the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project were recently honored with a pro bono award. The program, founded by Professor Debbie Bell in 2011, teams up with attorney volunteers to provide free legal aid to low-income individuals in Mississippi. Students interview pro se litigants – people who can’t afford an attorney – and represent them in court. The organization attends over two dozen pro bono clinics throughout Mississippi.

The financial situation of MVLP

The Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP) is a nonprofit organization that offers free legal representation to low-income people. The attorneys involved in the program sign up to take cases on a pro bono basis and then are matched with clients. MVLP has a waiting list of 239 cases. Attorneys can choose from among these cases and apply to help. The organization also provides information about the legal system in Mississippi, as well as resources to help people choose an attorney.

The organization has many different locations. In Mississippi, volunteers can help individuals and low-income families navigate the legal system. Its executive director, Gayle Carpenter Sanders, is a mom and lawyer who feels called to help other families. The swine flu pandemic has also made the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project an especially needed organization. Its offices are located in Jackson and Gulfport, Mississippi. To learn more about their services, visit their website.

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