River City Media Spam List Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

River City Media Spam List Lawsuit is a case that made headlines in the digital marketing world. A famous email marketing company is in a legal fight with multiple internet service providers (ISPs) due to spamming accusations. In this article, we’ll explore the lawsuit, its effects on email marketing, and how to steer clear of legal issues.

What is the River City Media Spam List Lawsuit?

The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit is a legal case that originated in 2017. It involved several ISPs, including Comcast, Cox Communications, and Microsoft, filing a lawsuit against River City Media, a prominent email marketing company. ISPs accused River City Media of spamming their customers with millions of unsolicited emails, breaking anti-spam laws. The company was sued for making a spam list of one billion email addresses and using it to send spam emails.

The Fallout from the Lawsuit

The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit had a significant impact on the email marketing industry. It exposed the dark side of email marketing, showing how some companies use unethical tactics to reach potential customers. The lawsuit caused people to want stricter anti-spam laws. This might make email marketers act more honestly and openly. This caused more spam filters and stricter email security protocols by ISPs.

Lessons Learned from the River City Media Spam List Lawsuit

The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit teaches us several important lessons about email marketing, including:

  • Ethical marketing practices are crucial for long-term success.
  • Using spamming techniques to reach potential customers is not only unethical but also illegal.
  • Creating and using spam lists can lead to severe legal repercussions.
  • ISPs take spamming seriously and will not hesitate to take legal action against violators.
  • All businesses that use email marketing must comply with anti-spam laws.

How to Avoid Similar Legal Troubles

To avoid legal troubles like those faced by River City Media, email marketers should follow best practices and comply with anti-spam laws. Some tips for avoiding legal trouble include:

  • Only send emails to people who have opted in to receive them.
  • Clearly identify yourself in the email and provide an easy opt-out mechanism.
  • Avoid using misleading or deceptive subject lines.
  • Regularly update and clean your email list to ensure it only contains active subscribers.
  • Monitor your email campaigns and track metrics like bounce rates and spam complaints.


Q: What is River City Media?

A: River City Media (RCM) is a digital marketing company that specializes in email marketing. They say they have a billion email addresses in their database and send millions of emails each day.

Q: What is the River City Media Spam List Lawsuit about?

A: The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit is a legal action taken against RCM for allegedly using illegal tactics to gather email addresses and send unsolicited emails to millions of people. The lawsuit was filed by several ISPs, including Spamhaus, and was based on RCM’s alleged violation of the CAN-SPAM Act and other laws.

Q: What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

A: The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email and gives recipients the right to stop receiving emails from businesses. It requires businesses to identify themselves in the email, provide an unsubscribe link, and avoid deceptive subject lines and content.

Q: What are the allegations against River City Media?

A: The allegations against RCM are that they used illegal tactics to gather email addresses, such as scraping websites and buying email lists, and sent unsolicited emails to millions of people. The emails allegedly violated the CAN-SPAM Act by not providing an unsubscribe link and using deceptive subject lines and content.

Q: Who filed the lawsuit against River City Media?

A: Several ISPs, including Spamhaus, filed a lawsuit. Spamhaus is a non-profit that tracks email spammers and helps ISPs block spam.

Q: What’s the lawsuit status?

A: The lawsuit is ongoing, and the parties involved are currently in the discovery phase, where they exchange information and evidence. There have been no updates on the case since 2018.

Q: What could be the potential outcomes of the lawsuit?

A: If RCM is found guilty of the allegations, they could face fines and other penalties for violating the CAN-SPAM Act and other laws. They could also be required to stop sending unsolicited emails and change their email marketing practices.

Q: How can I protect myself from spam emails?

A: To protect yourself from spam emails, you can:

  • Never respond to spam emails or click on links in them
  • Use spam filters provided by your email provider
  • Avoid giving out your email address to websites that look suspicious
  • Unsubscribe from email lists that you don’t want to receive emails
  • Report spam emails to your email provider or the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)


The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit is a legal action taken against RCM for its alleged use of illegal tactics to gather email addresses and send unsolicited emails to millions of people. If RCM is found guilty, it could face fines and penalties and be required to change its email marketing practices. To avoid spam emails, use filters, steer clear of dodgy websites, unsubscribe from undesired email lists, and inform your email provider or the FTC about spam emails.

The River City Media Spam List Lawsuit was a wake-up call for email marketers, reminding us of the importance of ethical and legal compliance. By following best practices and complying with anti-spam laws, email marketers can avoid legal troubles and build a sustainable email marketing strategy. Email marketing is powerful if used ethically and responsibly.

In the River City Media spam list lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that the company’s practices are illegal under Washington state law. They say that Defendants systematically breached their privacy by stealing and using confidential and sensitive information about consumers. The article, which has been viewed more than 10 million times since it was posted, focused on the business model of the defendant, its activities, and its relationships with other companies. They maintain that Defendants would not have known about the existence of this information if they hadn’t been aware of it. They also argue that the uKnowKids incident was unrelated to the activities at issue and that despite identifying the researcher, River City Media did nothing wrong.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants used illegal mailing methods to distribute the list to their subscribers.

However, the defendants deny this, saying that the list was created by a third party. In addition, the companies never used the defamatory publication by Vickery, and the emails sent by McKeown’s scripts did not come from them. Furthermore, they were not able to implement the scripts because of technical limitations with the email delivery platform used by River City.

The defendants have also denied these claims, and have filed a civil lawsuit in New York state court. While the defendants have admitted to violating the email laws, they have not yet been found guilty of the violation. The plaintiffs will have to prove that they were acting in bad faith and did not have the intent to harm anyone. The court’s findings will help determine whether River City Media has committed any criminal activity. The lawsuits allege that River City did not comply with state and federal law and that the defendants were negligent for the breach.

In the past few years, River City Media has been accused of violating state and federal laws in a massive spam operation.

The domain’s owner, Steve Ragan, has revealed details about the company’s illegal operation. The data includes names, email addresses, and even personal information. As a result, the company’s email service provider, ProtonMail, has had to deal with numerous complaints from its customers.

The defendants have not denied these claims. They have continued to deny Vickery’s defamatory publication and the use of his scripts. The court found that both companies were not guilty of violating the law by leaking the information. The plaintiffs cited CXO as a source of the data. The website owner’s website and servers were blocklisted in the case. The researchers notified the companies of their findings and filed a complaint against them.

It is unclear if this is a valid lawsuit against RCM.

In the end, the lawsuit will involve the alleged use of these databases to market spam. If the data is obtained from these websites, it will include the usernames and email addresses of the users. Moreover, it will affect other people’s privacy. The plaintiffs’ lawyer may also sue the domain owner if the information was used to target certain groups.

The plaintiffs believe that the defendants did not use the Slowloris attack and that the data was illegally obtained through this mailing method. The case will be tried in court, and the winning side will have to pay a hefty fine. But this does not mean that the plaintiffs will prevail in the lawsuit. The only thing they can do is make it possible for the court to get damages. This is why the researchers are willing to fight the company, claiming it’s guilty of these activities.

The plaintiffs in the River City Media spam list lawsuit are the domain owner and the company that runs the website.

In addition to the email address and email username, the emails of the people who received emails were also obtained from national voter databases. The data of the users in these database breaches was so massive that the researchers were not able to stop the spread of spam. The investigators then found the details that could be used to sue RCM.

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  1. My information was leaked in 2017 and I just found out, it’s 2022 now. I don’t even know why I was linked to them or the 5 other breeches that leaked my information. Why do all these companies I’ve never heard of and definitely never see have all my information? This is not right, where’s our right’s?

  2. I was breached January 2017. Just seen your lawsuit. Can I get in on this, because of my breach?

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  4. I also found out that my email address being bleached back in 2017 ( by AllState security service )
    Hence, please advise me with; How to be include in this case and the contact info of RiverSide Media to send my inquiry to remove my email info from their data.

  5. Why am I just finishing out this company breached my info back in Jan 2017?!? Who are they and why do they have my info?!??

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  6. I just found out today. I’ve had my bank account hacked and couldn’t figure how they got my information. They have your IP address email address gender birth date everything they need to get into your accounts. I had to close that bank account. Change the email account the only thing I can’t change is my SSN and my birthday. So I put a freeze on all my credits and lock my debt card until I need it. I also use a 2 factor password on every account I can. Including my Amazon account.

  7. My email address as well is listed as breached by this company… Is there ANYTHING we can do to REMOVE or PREVENT this? I have had my bank account hacked a couple of times, as well as used to start bogus accounts. what can do?

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  9. I just found this out my information was leaked back in 2017. What can be done about it? It’s affecting so much. And others I found. I never gave this company or what ever it is any information. I never even said it was ok to use my information or to even be sold to any dark website. The use of my information is up to me,not selling and make money off my information nor anyone’s information.

  10. I have also been battling multiply spam emails, starting with Literally thousands of sex sites at first to getting 5-10 a day now. This has affected my relationship and fighting with my husband and my son thinking that it came from them. I have opted out from the do not spam me list and continue to keep getting more spam each day. I do not reply and I am constantly reporting and unsubscribing to the lists of unwanted emails and reporting them to my email provider. How can I get these to stop. What do I need to do? I have had to create a new email but have several business emails that I can not just abandon the email all together.

  11. Mine was also compromised along with ssn , drivers license number and birth. I just recently found out it was released on the dark web. Need help knowing what is being done to protect us. This is absolutely not ok!

  12. Mine was also comprimised along with ssn , drivers license number and birth. I just recently found out it was released on the dark web. Need help knowing what is being done to protect us. This is absolutely not ok!

  13. mine was also breached email addresses IP addresses, names, physical addresses, also leaked to dark web in 2017 and now discovered. What good is internet if there is no protection for anyone but the criminals.

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    Does anyone know if we are supposed to do anything?
    I mean besides secure our information.
    I don’t know what, if anything, I can do about it.

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  18. Just found out that all of my data was breached by River City Media Spam List in 2017 and Verications.io in 2019 how do I file a claim for breach of data and credit stealing. These two websites should be held accountable for the actions they do to others on the web. I did notice that every time you get into your email it always says it’s to full then you have delete the spam emails still goes on and on and on. I think that they should be charged for membership fees since they are the ones that are making all of our emails full, and we cannot send emails out or receive any like the most important ones.

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